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Zinc Picolinate (60 Capsules)


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What is Zinc 

Zinc is an essential trace element that is needed for the development and growth of all organisms.

Sufficient Zinc levels support & contribute towards a healthy immune system, digestion, improved stress levels, energy metabolism and reduced acne. It is thought that between 20 & 30% of the population is deficient in Zinc. The body is unable to store Zinc, it preferably should be received daily.

 Zinc Deficiency Signs and Symptoms

 Impaired immune function with frequent infections

  • Acne and poor skin health
  • Poor wound healing
  • Stretch marks
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell or loss of appetite
  • Delayed sexual maturation and infertility
  • Impotence
  • Poor growth in children
  • Hair loss
  • White spots on fingernails
  • Mental health problems
  • Diarrhoea


  • Premium Quality Zinc; Tom Oliver Nutrition Zinc Picolinate 15 mg Tablets provide a highly-absorbable form of this crucial nutrient and essential mineral
  • Antioxidant Immune Support; Zinc utilizes antioxidant activity and can helps to support a healthy immune system
  • ONE A DAY FORMULA - Our Zinc capsules are small, easy to swallow and a vegetable capsules
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS: Our Zinc Picolinate is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and is GMO free and FREE from milk, lactose, gluten and wheat. They are also free of pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or other pollutants, Vegetarian, Kosher. Free from sugar, salt.
  • MADE IN THE UK: to GMP and pharmaceutical standards and packaged in sustainable, recyclable, high quality, glass bottles.


As a food supplement, take one tablet daily, preferably
at mealtime, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Do not exceed directions for use. This is a food
supplement and not to be used as a
substitute for a varied diet.


Zinc, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Anti-Caking Agents
(silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate)


Artificial preservatives, common allergens wheat, yeast gluten and dairy


Keep out of the reach of children
Store in a cool dry place

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