6 Fantastically Sneaky Foods that Reduce Bloating

6 Fantastically Sneaky Foods that Reduce Bloating

Feeling bloated? Sometimes the key to a less bloated tummy (if you don't suffer from food intolerance or digestive issues, of course) is pretty straightforward: eat more fibre, and more anti-inflammatory foods.

Fibre is a pretty game changing nutrient. It increases the feeling of fullness, which is good for general satiety when you're eating meals, but it also 🙅 REAL TALK KLAXON 🙅 softens your stools which makes them easier to pass - which in turn stops bloating.

So to decrease the bloating in your life, nutritionist Tom Oliver gave us the low down on fibre-rich and anti-inflammatory foods that should be your flat tummy weapons...



Oats are full of fibre, and also beta-glucans, which are amazing for your digestion. The easiest way to get your oats in the morning is a creamy serving of porridge, or oats with greek yoghurt. But if you're not a porridge fan, or can't digest dairy, try oat milk in your coffee, tea, cereal or protein shake (we like Oatly).



Avocado naturally detoxifies the body, and recent studies have shown that the dietary fibre in avocados also regulate your immune system and inflammation. Tom recommends an avocado every other day.



Oranges, Lemons and grapefruits relieve bloating as they are citrus fruits that are rich in water. Fruits that are high in water content help to hydrate you, which also encourages your body to let go of excess water. Lemons are a gently laxative and diuretic when you add it to a warm glass of water, additionally lemon water eliminates salt retention which stops bloating. Tom says: 'If you struggle to eat 3 citrus fruits a day, that you try infusing your water with a lemon, orange or a grapefruit.



Greek yogurt is already pre-digested, meaning the milk sugar is broken down and ensuring you don’t have the same bloating or gassy response you can often have to milk. Active cultures lactobacillus and acidophilus found in yogurt can ease symptoms of bloating, too. Tom recommends Fage Greek Yoghurt, which has a lower sugar content than most brands.



Sweet pots are packed full of fibre, are very filling and will also fix your sweet tooth and satisfy your chip craving. Tom suggests getting creative with sweet potato noodles or toast.



Honeydew melon offers an easy way to help detox and flush out excess toxins from the body while providing an additional natural source of water. A compound found in these melons called Cucumis melo acts as a natural diuretic causing you to urinate excess water and salt out of your body. Whilst you may be flushing excess toxins from your body, these fruits also act as a natural electrolyte replacement due to the high level of potassium, relieving uncomfortable systems of bloating.

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